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Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

We all have times when we cross over the line from that I-can’t-handle-one-more-thing moment to an all out emotional meltdown. Our melt down moments, however, do not all look alike. Some people tend to be forceful verbally or even physically. Other become sarcastic or make critical remarks. Maybe when you’re ticked off, you walk away and for the next couple of days give someone the silent treatment. Or perhaps you remain polite but withhold your affection, time, or attention.

It’s not that our emotions are unhealthy or dangerous – it’s what we do or don’t do with them that can create problems. If you want to experience less stress and more of the energy, peace and joy that comes when you get rid of potentially toxic feelings, Georgia can help you to:

  • Recognize your emotional garbage.
  • Handle life’s ups and downs more easily.
  • Identify when you are emotionally stuck so that you transform your hurt and pain into positive change.
  • Reduce destructive anxiety, fear, guilt, and shame.

We all have emotional trash, the question is what are you doing with yours?

What people are saying about Taking Out Your Emotional Trash:

"Decide now to have a better life—free of constant emotional stress, miscommunication, pent-up anger, and out-of-control responses. In Taking Out Your Emotional Trash, Georgia Shaffer provides mentally healthy choices and a workable plan of action. Whether you have your own emotional clutter or live with people who are stuck in the rut of unforgiveness and unfulfilled expectations, this book is the tool you need to move into emotional and spiritual health. "
Carol Kent,
Speaker and author of A New Kind of Normal and Between a Rock and a Grace Place

"As our level of emotional stress rises, so does the need for Georgia Shaffer’s Taking Out Your Emotional Trash. Whether we hoard our feelings or unload them on those closest to us, we can all benefit from this excellent resource. If you are a parent, counselor, pastor, life coach, or simply want to strengthen your closest relationships, I highly recommend this book."
Dwight Bain,
Executive Director of Christian Coaching Alliance, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Life Coach

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