Messages for Women:

Our best Women’s Retreat ever! Georgia, your testimony and insights from the heart touched each woman present. In the way you live your faith, you showed us what a difference your personal relationship with God and Jesus has made in your life. Best of all, you helped us to understand how we can repair, improve and deepen our own personal and spiritual relationships. You are a joy to work with. We have never had such glowing evaluations of a Retreat Leader!
Marcia Nesbit, Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church, Mechanicsburg, PA

It’s Time to Take Out the Trash:
Making a Clean Sweep of Toxic Emotions
Did anger or frustration ever get the best of you? What do you do when your emotions overwhelm you? Do you keep them inside? Let Georgia help you “take out the trash” and prevent pent-up emotions from damaging your health or relationships. You will learn how to:

  • Minimize the time you spend acting out your feelings.
  • Lighten the burdens that come with destructive guilt, anger, and shame.
  • Improve your ability to connect without the weight of your emotional baggage.
  • Boost your physical reserves by experiencing more peace and joy.

Blind Spots . . .
What You Don’t See Can Hurt You
Whenever you drive a car, it’s crucial to stay aware of blind spots–large areas where objects can’t be seen and cause accidents. Yet, many of us aren’t aware of our relational blind spots, which can cause conflicts in our closest relationships. In this enlightening presentation, Georgia will help you:

  • Recognize your relational blind spots to avoid their destructive effects.
  • Utilize godly counsel to see what it is you can not see on your own.
  • Minimize behaviors that hinder deep, meaningful relationships.
  • Clearly identify people who can sustain a trusting, long-lasting relationship.

Cultivate Caring Relationships
Research shows that people who experience love and support from family and friends are healthier and happier. But, most of us find these essential relationships far from easy. In this message, Georgia explains how God can help you cultivate loving relationships–even when it is difficult. Learn how to:

  • Improve your emotional connections by recognizing your style of relating.
  • Identify the emotional needs of others to support them during difficult times.
  • Overcome behaviors that create barriers in your closest relationships.
  • Reduce your vulnerability to loneliness and build a supportive social network.

Growing Through the Changes We Do Not Choose
Unwanted change is a constant of life, such as death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, or your lifestyle. Fortunately, you can do more than “go” through these painful seasons. You can “grow” through them and enjoy lasting benefits. In this session, Georgia will empower you to:

  • Experience a heightened sense of God’s comfort when dreams are shattered.
  • Navigate the obstacles you encounter as you rebuild your life.
  • Reduce your vulnerability to hopelessness by cultivating a supportive network.
  • Heal from past hurts and enhance your ability to begin anew.

Living with Passion and Purpose
What do you care about deeply? What desires, experiences, and talents has God given you? How are you unique? Following God’s vision for your life can transform some of your most mundane moments into magnificent ones. Imagine how much richer your life will be when you are able to:

  • Confront the fears that prevent you moving outside your comfort zone.
  • Confidently assess which risks are worth taking and which are not.
  • Minimize the time distracted to maximize time focused on God’s divine plan for you.
  • Use your strengths, skills, and talents to enhance other people’s lives.

Being Mary in a Martha World
In the Bible, Jesus invited two women to join Him and experience rest. Today, He makes the same offer to you. But, how do you carve out time in a restless world to be with Jesus and refresh your soul? Join Georgia as she helps you:

  • Clarify your personal style of connecting with God.
  • Enhance your ability to recognize God’s hand in your daily life.
  • Identify when you’re running on empty and enjoy times of stillness.
  • Replace distorted beliefs about yourself and God with the truth of Scripture.

Take the Hectic Out of Your Holidays
A Presentation for the Christmas Season
Does Christmas sometimes feel more like a chore than a celebration? It’s easy to get so busy that you miss out on enjoying quality time with God, yourself, and others. Make this season merry as Georgia enables you to:

  • Discern how to let go of unrealistic expectations.
  • Minimize acting out your feelings in inappropriate ways.
  • Experience God’s peace and joy during this special time of year.

Suggested Themes for a Women’s Retreat or Conference

Under each conference theme you will find a list of suggested sessions.
Small group questions also available for each message

Unplug and Reconnect with God, Yourself, and Others

  • Connecting with Self & Others–Cultivating Caring Relationships
  • Breakdowns in Your Connections–What’s Causing Those Disconnects?
  • Connect with Your God-Given Passions and Purpose
  • Connecting with God

Divine Design

  • Clean Out Those Closets (It’s Time to Take Out the Trash)
  • Unexpected Renovations (Growing Through the Changes We Do Not Choose)
  • What’s Your Style? (Living with Passion & Purpose)
  • Create a Place to Connect (Cultivating Caring Relationships)
  • A Faith Lift (Being a Mary in a Martha World)

What Needs to Grow? What Needs to Go?

  • Cultivating Caring Relationships
  • Cultivating Your Spiritual & Emotional Health
  • Cultivating the Changes You Do Not Choose
  • Cultivating a Purposeful Life

It’s Time to Take Out the Trash

  • Taking Out the Trash (Make a Clean Sweep of those Toxic Emotions)
  • God’s Hidden Treasures (Growing Through the Changes We Do Not Choose)
  • A Key to a Treasure-Filled Life (Living with Passion and Purpose)
  • Cherishing the Treasures in Others (Cultivating Caring Relationships)
  • Unlocking THE Treasure (Being a Mary in a Martha World)

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