“Georgia’s coaching has changed my life. Her insights were invaluable for me to fulfill God’s calling. I can never thank her enough for encouraging, challenging, and praying for me. She has forever blessed my life.”
Ruth Crow

“The best thing about being coached by Georgia is how she brought intentionality to my life. I’m now able consider everything I do with the question, ‘Is this moving me toward what I want to accomplish?'”
Janet Birkey

Life Coaching for Women

Do you have a goal that you struggle to achieve? As a Christian life coach, Georgia will work with you, encouraging you, brainstorming with you and holding you accountable. With a coach you will reach your goals more efficiently and effectively.

Many women are weighed down by doubts, guilt, secrets, insecurities and unrealistic expectations. But few women know how to lighten their emotional load. They long to reduce the stress that negative thoughts and feelings create on their closest relationships. As a Christian Life Coach, Georgia will help you:

  • Learn to assess your current level of stress
  • Reduce the pressure and fallout from pent-up emotions
  • Lighten the burden that comes from destructive guilt and insecurities
  • Deepen your ability to connect with others
  • Experience a heightened sense of God’s comfort during difficult times

Individual Coaching for Women:
$150.00 per 45-minute session

One-on-one coaching is uniquely designed around your individual needs. As a coach I will ask you the hard questions. I will ask you to complete questionnaires, assessments and various homework assignments before each session. I recommend, but don’t require, a three-month plan meeting every two weeks.

If you are interested in a free 15-minute session to determine if individual Christian coaching is for you, email Georgia@GeorgiaShaffer.com or call 1-888-664-5679.

To discover more about how Christian coaching can make a positive difference in your life click on these commonly asked questions FAQ page.

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