“Knowing the techniques of Christian coaching is one thing, but applying them to your own life and coaching practice is completely different. Georgia Shaffer is an extraordinary person and a powerfully effective coach. Her integrity inspires me, and her persistent belief in my capabilities fosters a spirit of accomplishment within me that has been absolutely priceless.”
Lisa Gomez-Osborn
President of Paragraphs 22 Coaching and Consulting, LLC 

“My coaching with Georgia prepared me to fearlessly coach other leaders. She provided me with some very useful tools that definitely impacted my work.”
Janie Neff
Next Step Coaching

Coaching the Coach

The best coaches have a Christian coach . . . do you?

If you desire to grow professionally and personally, you’ll never outgrow your need to be coached. Whether you want to build your confidence as a coach, gain more clients, identify the bad habits you’ve picked up along the way, or learn new techniques, be willing to invest in your coaching career by hiring a coach for yourself. Change others’ lives and your own by working with God and your own coach.

How do I find more clients?

Georgia will help you to:

  • Move past your insecurities and build your confidence as a coach.
  • Recognize the blind spots that are holding you back.
  • Apply the coaching skills you’ve learned to a new level of mastery.
  • Equip you with new coaching techniques.
  • Identify what needs to grow and what need to go.



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