‘Georgia’s drought-destroyed backyard before transformation into the Garden’

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The Story of the Mourning Glory Gardens

Mourning Glory Gardens is Georgia’s backyard garden.

In the early 90’s, as Georgia coped with the overwhelming problems of being a single mother, recovering from a bone marrow transplant (for the recurrence of cancer) and losing her career because she was too weak to work, a devastating drought destroyed her lawn.

Because she could not afford the thousands it would cost to remove the dead sod and reseed her yard, she followed God’s quiet whisper in her heart and created a garden. Friends and neighbors removed the dead sod, rototilled and raked the ground smooth, planted flowers, dug a hole and laid the rock for a small pond.

As Georgia watched her dead lawn being transformed into a beautiful sanctuary, the seeds of hope grew in her heart.
Today, Mourning Glory Gardens is a living memorial of what God can do with the destruction in our lives. He takes every loss that hurts or makes us angry (in this case it was a lush green lawn destroyed by a prolonged drought) and turns it into something beautiful (a lovely garden and pond).

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